Virtual Tax Filing

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Why Virtual?

During this pandemic, we started working remotely in March 2020. For your safety, stay home and just call us to file your Tax.

Gather Tax Information

Tax Preparation and Calculation

Discuss with he Client

Tax Filing


We email you the list of information that is needed for tax filing.


Upon receipt of your tax information and documents, we will review your information. Follow-up questions and documents may be requested. After obtaining the required tax information and documents, Magic Accounting will prepare your tax returns.


Once a draft has been prepared, we will contact you to schedule an appointment (virtual meeting via Zoom meeting or telephone call) to review your tax returns at a level of detail, so we can finalize your returns.


Authorization Forms:
Magic Accounting is using DocUsign to collect legal electronic signatures from clients. You will receive an e-mail with the documents to sign.

We will send you an invoice by e-mail. You can pay by e-transfer to or give us a call and provide your credit card info.

Filing Tax:
After receiving your signed authorization forms and payment, we will electronically file your tax returns with the CRA. We will provide you with an electronic copy of your tax returns.

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