who we are?

what we do?

Our Mission

Magic Accounting are specialist in accounting and financial solutions, designed to make your life simpler.

Our mission is to take your tax, accounting and financial matters off your mind, so you can solely focus on what you do best.

We are Magic Accounting & Tax Services, who located in Richmond Hill, Ontario and provide accounting and tax services to Canadian clients cost to cost.

What Do We Do?

We provide personal tax, corporation tax, bookkeeping, business planning and advisory to our clients. We have the years’ experience in accounting and taxation and are familiar with different kind of business types, including healthcare, retails, e-commerce, construction, professional, restaurant and so on. And we also handle different kind of tax issues, include personal income tax, non-resident tax, tax appeal and review.

Why Choose Magic Accounting?

What do we do differently from other accounting firms?

  • We provide free consultation meeting all year round so clients have chance to meet with us
  • We handle all CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) review, appeal, taxpayer relief and other matters so clients do not need to deal with CRA
  • We provide cloud accounting service, so you can review your cash flow anytime, anywhere

Meet the Team

Behdad Behbahani

Behdad specializes in personal tax returns, including Canadian residents and non-residents. In addition to personal taxation, he is also an expert when it comes to incorporations, corporate structuring and benefit applications. He is a very enthusiastic member of our team and is always happy to assist clients in need.

Besides personal taxation, Behdad is involved in a community volunteer program that assists individuals with tax preparations.

Atieh Javaheri

At Magic Accounting, Atieh handles the day-to-day accounting operations for numerous businesses in a wide range of industries including IT, media, personal services, e-commerce and retail. Atieh also has extensive knowledge when it comes not only to accounts receivables and accounts payables, but also in corporate taxation, GST/HST/PST filings and full-cycle accounting.

Atieh is always happy to assist those in need and enjoys music and jogging in her free time.

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